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The Full Story: KirkPro Culture

The culture of KirkPro is a culture of success and of winning. Our Founder and CEO, Kevin Kirk, has a first hand experience of what it means to be successful and win! From owning and operating one of the top performing salons in Birmingham, AL, to winning the Bronner Brothers Hair Battle four times (the most in Bronner Brothers history), and a recent appearance on the hit tv series, "The Look: All-Stars, hosted by Tori Spelling. 


Kevin's portfolio of work depicts the high standards that he lives. It is with his high standards in mind, Kevin developed, "KirkPro: The New Standard of HairCare” back in 2012. Kevin designed KirkPro to match his ability to perform at highest level on any client, no matter the race or hair texture. Kevin believes with the right products, learning the right techniques, and with the right tools, you can win too! There's no limit to what you can create! 


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