KirkPro Trifactor Protein Additive is a combination of three complex proteins designed to increase the tensile strength and elasticity of the hair during the relaxation process. This protein reconstructing conditioner can also be used during chemical sevices such as, color and lighteners, to help keep the hair strong. This multipurpose additive is ideal for any client who desires strong, healthy hair. 

KirkPro Trifactor Protein Additive

  • The KirkPro Trifactor Collection is enriched with the power of three proteins to give hair optimum strength, moisture, and conditioning.


"I've been using KirkPro for over five years.  I was skeptical at first, but the KirkPro hair care line gave me the confidence I needed to expand the types of services I offer and the types of  clients I serve. These products are so versatile and my clients love them!  

C.J.,  Master Stylist and Colorist, Atlanta, GA


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