KirkPro Argan Restore & Revitalize Purifying Shampoo is designed to remove excessive dirt, oil, and product buildup from the hair. R-n-R Purifying Shampoo is a great first lather shampoo that is suitable for all hair types.  It gives the hair a deep cleanse without roughing the cuticle or extracting the hair’s moisture. It helps the hair return to its normal Ph level and leaves the hair clean and soft.

KirkPro Argan R-n-R Purifying Shampoo



"I've been using Kirk Products for over five years.  I was skeptical at first, but the KirkPro hair care line gave me the confidence I needed to expand the types of services I offer and the types of  clients I serve. These products are so versatile and my clients love them!  

C.J.,  Master Stylist and Colorist, Atlanta, GA


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