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Our best selling dryer just got BETTER! We added our proprietary extended life (XL) motor to our best selling professional dryer. A revolutionary HTDC (High torque DC) motor powers this dryer so that you can achieve your looks faster, and yet work with a very pleasant light dryer. The XL motor is identical in weight and size to our original Lite Pro dryer but now delivers over 50% longer motor life from 600 hours to 1000 hours. We also leveraged ceramic sphere technology for ultimate hair protection, and ionic intel system to best achieve the styles you want to create (“off” for volume or “on” for sleek). The use of ceramic technology purifies the outgoing airflow and fights the aging effects of harmful free radicals caused by carbon dioxide.
Hairstylists tell us they love it to prep color and chemical treatments.

Revolutionary HTDCXL (High Torque DC Extended Life Motor)
Combines 1875 watts of power with one of the lightest professional dryers on the market today!

  • Ceramic Sphere Technology
  • Purifies the outgoing airflow by removing carbon dioxide and activates water molecules to replenish moisture into the shaft and minimize damage
  • Ionic IntelTM System
  • Generates positive or negative ionic output suitable for multiple styling needs.
  • Double Walled Body
  • Provides shock resistance
  • Variable Speed & Temperature Controls
  • For optimal styling control
  • Ergonomically designed
  • For optimalbalance and control
  • Cool Shot Button
  • For styling setting
  • Professional Length Cord
  • Extra durable ideal for salon environment

Cocco Lite Pro XL V2 Dryer

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