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Freestyle Barber Battle

In a time where everyone's cuts look the same, show how your work is different! The Freestyle Cut competition will give you a chance to show your creativity and talent. Make your mark in the industry, get noticed by clipper companies' executives, and win cash and prizes. Entry fee includes: Cocco Pro K1/K2 Clippers & Trimmers with Digital Gap Blade, KirkPro products, combs, and capes that are yours to KEEP! Battle on stage for a chance to win a trophy, bragging rights, plus $500 cash! Prizes will only be awarded if 10 or more competitors enter.

*Sponsored by Cocco Pro*

Prizes Awarded:

1st Place


Bragging Rights

2nd Place

3rd Place

Entry Fee:


Competition Rules

Please note: Cash prizes will only be awarded if 10 or more competitors enter in each category.

1. Contestants will be provided Cocco Pro K1/K2 clippers and trimmers, KirkPro products, combs, and capes. These are yours to KEEP after the competition!!

2. You will have 45 minutes to complete the finished look.

3. All contestants must be professionally licensed barbers or barber students.

4.The total look can be a fantasy, classic, or avant garde cut.

5. No Stencil or pre cutting of any kind can assist in creating the cut. However, enhancements are allowed.

6. Judging will be based on professional execution, creativity, and overall look.

7. When time is called, contestant must stop, undrape model, pick up tools, and leave stage. You will be allowed additional minutes for this action.

8. Decision of the judges in final.

9. $250 entry fee

10. Contestant and model must check-in by 6pm on March 26, 2023.

11.  All models under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

12. All models must have a signed Model Release Form. If under age 18, their parent or guardian must sign the form.

Any questions? Contact Kevin Kirk at (205)965-8766.

    Mar 26, 8:00 PM CDT
    Venue 109, 109 Cude Ln, Madison, TN 37115, USA
    In a time where everyone's cuts look the same, show how your work is different! Entry Fee includes: a Free pair of Cocco Pro K1/K2 Clippers & Trimmers, KirkPro products, capes, combs, and a chance to win $500 cash!! And not to mention, bragging rights!!! Sponsored by Cocco Pro
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